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This site is an affectionate tribute to the unique Peel Cars from the Isle of Man.


Years ahead of their time, and produced in the context of the ‘lean years’ of post-war Britain, there is still nothing quite like a Peel on the road today.


The quality of the GRP materials had greatly improved over the years and small boat

production was our mainstay occupation.


However, the BMC ‘Mini’ was now well

established and a very popular car. A sports car based on the Mini seemed worth

considering and a design was evolved but using the longer Minivan wheelbase.


The entire body shell was moulded in GRP and as many of the original Mini fittings and components utilised, but with the addition of a raised central floor tunnel to give longitudinal stiffness. A light steel tube frame was bonded internally to connect all the important stress points, termed the ‘bird cage’, the overall appearance reasonably attractive with a rear ‘spoiler’ and the road handling was superb.


The prototype car was exhibited at the London Racing Car Show and this was a great opportunity to meet some of the most prominent designers and builders in the racing a sports car field, at least one of whom subsequently produced a car using virtually the same technology.


Cyril Cannell 2006

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Peel Engineering developed The Viking around 1966 , with yet another fibreglass body shell, aimed at the ‘kit car’ market as they latched onto the large number of BMC Minis that were starting to suffer from serious corrosion. The ‘Viking Sport’ used all the running gear and components from a standard Mini but gave you a Sports GT bodyline.


These were available predominantly as a body shell only for the DIY market but a few complete cars were built and registered by Peel. Production numbers for the Viking Sport are unknown but it’s thought that around 30 found buyers. Today the Viking Sport is a very rare car with only seven known examples surviving.

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