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This site is an affectionate tribute to the unique Peel Cars from the Isle of Man.


Years ahead of their time, and produced in the context of the ‘lean years’ of post-war Britain, there is still nothing quite like a Peel on the road today.


An amazing and distinctive design ingeniously developed. Innovative technically, the clear 'bubble' canopy is said to steam up when the car was shared by couples, hence the inclusion of the space-age-style side vents which also allow for some quite short hand signals.


When turned over during a Vehicle Inspector's test the canopy survived completely intact, a testimony to the build quality.


HIstorically, the first five examples were up and

running by December 1964 and a large order was placed by the successful London dealer, Two Strokes Ltd of Stanmore. The Trident was available in blue or red and was coloured into the fibreglass gel coat which provided a cost saving as they did not require to be painted.

While the P.50 was intended as a strictly single seater vehicle, a suggestion was made for a slightly larger version, perhaps to carry an adult plus child and a larger luggage capacity.  So the idea for the ultimate in utility car body design came about with just two GRP mouldings: the chassis with seats and a top moulding (hinged at the front with a spring loaded stay, making it easily lifted for access). A machine was built to produce clear Perspex ‘bubble top’ canopies, even assessed to be of near aircraft quality, which gave superb all round vision.

A 4-stroke engine was sought but, in the meantime, all the cars built were fitted with the DKW unit as for the P.50. Just one example was built with a Triumph ‘Tina’ engine with automatic drive but quantities were not available for nearly twelve months, by which time other contracts were undertaken.


Cyril Cannell 2006

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Production of the Trident continued until 1966 when around 80 examples had found owners. Peel did experiment with the Trident

and built an electric version and one with a Triumph Tina engine. Sadly neither made it into production. Today around 30 Trident still survive.