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This site is an affectionate tribute to the unique Peel Cars from the Isle of Man.


Years ahead of their time, and produced in the context of the ‘lean years’ of post-war Britain, there is still nothing quite like a Peel on the road today.


Welcome to the News


There's going to be alot happening this summer to mark the 50th anniversary of Peel Cars, so please stay in touch with the site for all the latest as it happens.

'Peels To Peel' 50th Anniversary Isle of Man Festival Countdown...

By guest, Jun 26 2014 04:48PM

Eighteen Peel cars are expected on the Island for a weekend of fun from Thursday 31st July to Sunday 3rd August with talks and events (including a plaque commomoration) culminating in a gathering at the Peel Transport Museum on Sunday afternoon.

Further details will be posted but Grant Kearney can be contacted for details in the meantime at [email protected]

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