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This site is an affectionate tribute to the unique Peel Cars from the Isle of Man.


Years ahead of their time, and produced in the context of the ‘lean years’ of post-war Britain, there is still nothing quite like a Peel on the road today.


For political reasons in some overseas countries, BMC required a GRP version of the very popular ‘Mini’ and our ‘Viking Sport’ was possibly the reason for ourselves being awarded the contract.


This was to design and produce prototypes and associated moulds, jigs and tools – a considerable personal responsibility. The BMC distributors in Chile were the primary outlet, so a number of South Americans arrived in Peel to view the project.

One car was taken to MIRA for the crash test and well exceeded the standard metal version, likewise another on the torsion testing rig at the Austin factory in Birmingham.


A second contract was also received to build a GRP MG1300 Saloon, but shortly after completion the BMC Company changed hands and the new owners had no interest in GRP bodies vehicles.

Could it be that they would last too long?


Cyril Cannell 2006

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